Welcome to one of the largest hockey clubs in the country. We are an Edinburgh based hockey club which participates in both outdoor and indoor hockey at all levels. We currently have four outdoor mens teams, three outdoor ladies teams and a large youth section with ages ranging from 8 to 18 years of age. We welcome all new players to the club whether you’ve been playing hockey for years, haven’t played since you were younger or have never played before and looking for a new challenge. We have teams at all levels of Scottish hockey and we would love you to get in contact.





Top 5 Goalscorers

Rory MacDougall – 37
John Martin – 22
Magnus Ferrier – 20
Andrew Dane – 19
Stuart Hatton – 19

RT @ScotU21w: ‼️Meet the team‼️ Name: Laura Swanson Position: Midfield Number: 10 https://t.co/a8nXoMvQYo

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