Communications Secretary | VACANCY

U10 Ladies

We are looking for an individual with digital marketing experience or the enthusiasm to develop a skillset in this area to become our next Communications Secretary.

Job Purpose: Implement our digital marketing strategy

Reports to: The President

Incentive: Free membership subscription. Boost your CV with digital marketing experience. In-house training provided on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Time commitment: Four hours per week.


Responsible for ensuring there is a regular schedule of content on our social media channels and on our website news section

Responsible for managing our online community (responding to comments, mails etc.) in line with the moderation policy for each community

Work with the committee to ensure our online channels support key club objectives

Primary admin of club Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and website and responsible for updating these channels

Responsible for recruiting and managing a volunteer team of content contributors

Responsible for delivering our club guidelines for each online channel

If you are interested in this role and want to find out more please email