Under Twelve Hockey

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Under Twelve hockey for every player! 

For some of the lowest membership fees in Scottish Hockey, we offer hockey to any child, whatever their ability or background. Involving over 50 kids our Under Twelve programme provides weekly hockey across the year and introduces players to a team sport for life.

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Hockey Team Mates

Weekly sessions

Stick person playing hockey

Matches every fortnight

Stick person playing hockey

Everyone is welcome

Key details

Training Methods: Focus is put on learning through situations that are as game-like possible.

Game Play: Players will work on winning the ball back, attacking situations and developing match tactics.

Technical Skills: Players will work on moving with the ball, receiving the ball, evading defenders and passing.

Physical Skills: Players will work on basic agility and co-ordination,

Soft Skills: Players will work on the traits of being self-organised and self-aware. We also encourage all players to consider the behaviours of listening to and speaking to everyone.

A theme for all content is ‘our way’ of playing hockey, where the focus is on being attack minded.

When: 10:00 – 11:30. Sunday mornings

Where: Edinburgh Academy Newfield pitches, 2 East Fettes Avenue EH4 1DL

What: Our Under Twelves train weekly and play matches in a local league every second week

*U12 Goal Keepers have an additional training  session 18:30 – 20:20 on Wednesday evenings

Matches: Participation for all. We do our best to ensure every player receives equal invites to match days. At this age teams are not picked based on performance, we instead pick teams based on school year groups; this is so we hopefully guarantee players are playing with peers. We stretch high performing players with additional content.

Training: Every training session open to all.

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Players age groups are defined by their age on the 1st January.

Shin pads and gum shield, hockey can be dangerous! Sports kit. Sticks can be provided.

£125 for the season. Can be paid in installments.

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