Purple Heroes: Alice Mines

At this time of worldwide crisis, there are people who have been asked to stand up and take the strain to ensure that we all stay safe and healthy and to look after those of us in the most need.

We’d like to take the opportunity, while the world praises the work being done by healthcare professionals all over, to highlight some incredible club members risking themselves on the front line everyday to battle this pandemic and to keep us safe.

Ladies 1s player, Dr Alice Mines is a month into her medical career and is going through a serious baptism of fire! Alice is a real purple hero, working for the NHS at St. John’s Hospital in Livingston on the front line everyday keeping all of us safe.

We caught up with Alice to find out how she’s doing in her new role in the fight against this pandemic;

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It’s not exactly the start to my career as a doctor that I had pictured and definitely felt like being thrown in the deep end at first.

– Alice Mines

Despite the difficulty and high speed nature of the role in these conditions, Alice notes that everyone throughout the NHS is commenting daily that teams within the hospitals have never been more supportive, cohesive or empathetic than they are right now.

Alice has only just passed her final University exams and was not due to graduate for another couple months but once the extent of the coronavirus became clear, she was asked to graduate early and get straight to work. Alice answered the call for help from the NHS and was deployed at St John’s Hospital where she works in general medicine rotating week about between covid and non-covid wards.

We asked Alice what she was enjoying most about her new role;

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The hardest part has definitely been with patients not allowed to have visitors in the hospital. It’s been a learning curve having to relay everything to family members over the phone, but is always so heartwarming how grateful families are that you are the one there with their mum or dad looking after them day after day.

– Alice Mines

Alice wanted us to thank everyone for making so many sacrifices and sticking to the rules!

She feels like it has made her and her colleagues workload more manageable so it really isn’t in vain.

Thank you Alice for the work you’re doing!

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