Purple Heroes: Erin Stringer

At this time of worldwide crisis, there are people who have been asked to stand up and take the strain to ensure that we all stay safe and healthy and to look after those of us in the most need.

We’d like to take the opportunity, while the world praises the work being done by healthcare professionals all over, to highlight some incredible club members risking themselves on the front line everyday to battle this pandemic and to keep us safe.

Erin is a true Purple Hero, not content with relaxing at home after being furloughed by Oliver Bonas, she has sought out an amazing charity in Edinburgh to volunteer at, Empty Kitchen, Full Hearts.

We asked Erin what this charity is doing;

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Basically, it is a movement of volunteer chefs who have taken food donations and transformed them into healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners for those who are most vulnerable across Edinburgh during this COVID19 crisis. They have taken over a commercial kitchen which would otherwise be empty due to lockdown measures.

– Erin Stringer

Erin’s role for the charity is to make up the day packs, which include three meals and snacks. The packs are then sent out into the community to be delivered to the most vulnerable people.

Erin was keen to do something to help during this crisis and thought that she could put her new found free time, to good use. She was put in touch with this charity by a friend who volunteered for a similar organisation. She reached out to them and they set her up with a shift.

We asked Erin what she was enjoying most about her new role;

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I love that I have the opportunity to get out and help vulnerable people during this turbulent time.

– Erin Stringer

Erin went on to say; “The effects of the Coronavirus have been catastrophic and scary, even more so if you are at risk of going hungry – something that no one should have to deal with”

Dealing with times of crisis is made all the more difficult if you are already living on or over the poverty line. The inspirational work that Erin is doing is ensuring that as many as possible are able to continue feeding themselves and their families.

Thank you Erin for the work you’re doing!

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